My Story

My business journey began after having my son. I love art, and actually started out as a mixed media artist. But I felt unfulfilled creating more for myself than anyone else. When I was adjusting to becoming a parent, my camera was the best artistic tool I could get my hands on. And what was a long-time hobby turned into the best pivot I could ask for. Really, I love love. And capturing people’s once in a lifetime memories feels important and fulfilling to me. I married my college sweetheart. And the pictures of us from when we were at the beginning of our marriage are I think some of the most important. Because they remind us of who we were then and make it all the cooler to look at now. They’re pictures we'll show our son and if we're lucky, our grandkids. 

With wedding photography, I love that I get to create heirlooms. Weddings are so much more than details, they're about the people coming together for them. So much of a wedding is about the people invited into it. There's no other time that all of these people will be together again in one space. I'm happy I get to make something you'll look at not just once, but through your life. 

"With wedding photography, I love that I get to create heirlooms. Weddings are so much more than details, they're about the people coming together for them."

"Any bride is lucky to have Cassie on her team!!! Cassie is a joy to work with! I was blessed to work with her..."

From Past Clients

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No. 01

My husband and I are pursuing homesteading.

My husband and I have dreamed of homesteading since we started dating in college. Neither of us grew up this way or have any experience. But, we live really far out in the country on 11.5 acres in a fixer upper to actually pursue it. We want to eventually grow the majority of our own food. So far we have a big garden and fruit trees planted, a small flock of chickens for eggs, and a ton of grass to mow. Meanwhile most houseplants have died... but no worries - we’re getting better!

No. 02

I began as a mixed media artist 

Before I became a photographer, I was a mixed media artist. I've taught painting and drawing to children and adults. Some of my work is part of Ball State's (where I graduated from) permanent collection. I've shown in several local juried exhibitions, galleries, and my work has been written about in the local papers a few times. Even though I don’t have any tattoos, I’ve drawn several for other people. I still love creating art in my spare time and exploring new concepts.

No. 03

Cooking From Scratch

I love food and cooking to relax. There's just something so satisfying about serving something really good from scratch. My husband and I enjoy cooking together, taking on different parts of a meal. It's something we do fairly often for in-home date nights. I'm the person who brings baked goods to holidays and or as an extra birthday treat. I pack a cooler for wedding days and more often than not, there's some homemade cookies or bread in there. 

No. 04

I love traveling

I studied abroad in Italy and briefly in Spain when I was in college. We stopped in 26 cities and it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. I’ve also traveled through Alaska, a lot of the major parks out west, the east coast, and around the south. Every year my family goes to Michigan where we stay in the family lake house that my great-grandfather built almost 60 years ago. There are a ton of places I'd still love to go and shoot in, especially more state and national parks. 

No. 05

I love the outdoors

I love the outdoors doing things like hiking and kayaking. When I’m outside, nature photography is my side hobby. So I enjoy taking a backup camera with me and taking photos when we’re exploring outside. I especially love finding interesting mushrooms and photographing and drawing them.