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A big piece of your overall wedding look is your hairstyle. Not only do you want to be comfortable all day, you want to know you’ll look just as good getting ready as you do dancing into the night. Having a great hairstylist makes a world of difference with that! I asked hairstylist Erin Thomas for her advice on knowing when and how many stylists to book for your wedding as well as tips for getting ready. 

Hey Erin, introduce yourself!

“I’m Erin Thomas, a professional hair stylist located in Fort Wayne. In April of 2019, I opened a salon with a fellow stylist called The Parlor. We both were only 24 when we opened shop. I went to beauty school in 2012 but I’ve been styling hair for events since high school. I was blessed to have stumbled into a career I love so much at such a young age. Wedding parties, in particular, are one of my favorite ways to practice my craft.”

When should you book your hairstylist?

“I suggest booking as soon as you have a date set! You can always work out fine details later on. Reserving that date is crucial to have first “dibs” on your favorite stylist. Experienced professionals know the number of updos they can handle on their own. Give your stylist as much info as you can so they can properly gauge how many hands they need on your day!”

Fort Wayne Midwest Wedding Engagement Photographer Cassie Dunmyer Photography

How do you know how many stylists you need for your bridal party?

“This is another example of how important details are. If you have a bridesmaid with hair straight out of Rapunzel’s castle, relay that! Sit down with your stylist and make a game plan. My general rule of thumb is 45 minutes per style. And generally speaking, I always bring another stylist if there are more than 5 people.”

While it isn’t necessary, you can also suggest your bridal party chooses their hairstyles ahead of time. This can save some time in deciding once they’re in the chair. Erin says, “It’s never a bad idea to pick your styles out ahead of time. Every minute counts on the wedding day!”

How do you plan the order to go in for a bridal party?

“I always suggest my bride goes second to last! It assures that your style is still fresh for when you walk down the aisle. From experience I’ve learned to never put a bride last. If you happen to run low on time the bride and stylist will both feel stressed. As far as everyone else, I normally suggest putting them in order depending on how well their hair holds styles.”

Fort Wayne Midwest Wedding Engagement Photographer Cassie Dunmyer Photography

Do you have tips on making all the hair feel cohesive through a bridal party?

“The most common bridesmaid request I get from brides is all updos or all down dos. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to achieve a cohesive look while giving your girls a little freedom.”

How do you find the best style for your hair type?

“Pinterest can be our best friend or worst nightmare with this question. My biggest suggestion is be realistic and come with options. Similar to when you pick your dress, don’t have your heart set on one style. Communicate any worries to your stylist. We have all kinds of tricks up our sleeve to help make your dreams come true.”

Fort Wayne Midwest Wedding Engagement Photographer Cassie Dunmyer Photography

Do you have recommendations on hairstyles that work well with holding in a veil comfortably and securely? 

“Most modern veils are made with light material and easy to secure combs. If you are worried about it being lose, I suggest an updo. I’m sure any of my previous brides have heard me use the term “anchor bobby-pin.” This is basically a jumbo Bobby that I use to secure the veil. Updos make it extremely easy to hide a couple extra bobby-pins if needed!”

What’s the best hair care before your wedding day?

“Start your hair care sooner than later! Make a plan with your professional on how to keep your hair healthy, while still reaching any goals you have. I get a lot of questions about when to wash your hair for the big day. My answer is generally the day before, but everyone is different.

You know your head best! I’ve had brides straighten their hair out the night before, because they know it curls smoother that way. I’ve had others that braid the night before to add extra texture to their straight, limp hair. Either way, most stylist come equipped with tons products to help every hair type look beautiful.”

Fort Wayne Midwest Wedding Engagement Photographer Cassie Dunmyer Photography

What’s something more brides should consider when it comes to hair?

“Weather and timing! Always be mindful of those two things. Unfortunately I don’t come equipped with a weather machine. So if you are getting married outside, on a Saturday in August, and your hair tends to get frizzy, don’t pick a sleek down do. Also it never hurts to keep a couple emergency umbrellas on hand. Timing is a big problem with bridal parties. It never hurts to make an itinerary to send to everyone involved. Organization is key to keep everything smooth.”

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