Planning your wedding around Covid-19 (coronavirus)

Noblesville Indiana Wedding Engagement Photographer Cassie Dunmyer Photography

This is bananas. Right? So I haven’t said anything *really about COVID-19 because you’re hearing about it everywhere. But, I know lots of couples are scrambling for help. I put together this resource for you.

I feel for you guys who’ve been planning weddings for so long only to have this day ripped from you in an already stressful time. Please know, I’ve got your back while we’re all figuring out Plan B. That backup plan can still be beautiful.

Wedding professionals everywhere are coming up with alternate plans as we speak. We’re very lucky to live in a time of community over competition where the forums and groups I’m a part of are supporting each other so we can support you. I’m fortunate to be a part of a tight-knit group of some of the best wedding photographers in the Midwest. We’re coming up with solutions, ideas, and sharing whatever resources we have. It’s not just about our businesses and livelihood, it’s about once in a lifetime events that we don’t want to see just totally scrapped. You guys matter more than chalking it up to bad luck.

With that, here are some tangible options/ideas you can keep in mind:

Noblesville Indiana Wedding Engagement Photographer Cassie Dunmyer Photography

You may still be able to purchase wedding insurance.

While some wedding venues require event insurance in the first place, it’s not a bad idea to look into your options. The verdict is still out if wedding insurers will be covering the costs of cancelled events due to coronavirus. But, it’s a good idea to look into your options and know for sure. Whether your wedding is coming up soon, or in a few months, event insurance could save you a lot of headache and money.

Ask your wedding vendors for their advice and availability.

Wedding vendors are used to coming up with backup plans. No, it’s not every day we’re hit with quarantines and travel restrictions. But, every wedding has it’s hiccups. That’s why we come up with rain plans, add buffer time, and plan B’s anyway. Start by talking to your wedding vendors about what your options are. See what your options are early on and go from there.

Consider hiring a wedding planner.

It may feel late in the game to hire a wedding planner, but this is a time especially where one may come in handy. If you’re scrambling to figure out your options or the new plan may require finding other vendors, a wedding planner’s job is to tame the chaos for you. Wedding planners work throughout the year for couples and typically have a much wider range of resources and knowledge to help you still have a great wedding.

Noblesville Indiana Wedding Engagement Photographer Cassie Dunmyer Photography

You could elope now and have the party later.

Unless we get hit with additional travel ordinances, you can find a date later in the year to have your reception with friends and family. There are beautiful state and national parks around Indiana where you could have a pretty elopement and still celebrate the day. Then later on, you could have a bigger party with your friends and family.

Have the whole wedding later in 2020.

While Saturday 2020 dates are pretty full, you can still look at Friday and Sunday availability. Most wedding vendors (including me) will waive any rescheduling fees for weddings postponed to later in the year. Reach out to your vendor team to see who is still available and what dates would work for the most people.

You can postpone for 2021.

If you have trouble finding availability in 2020, try for next year. Some vendors may require a rescheduling fee for the lost income in 2020, but the wedding you’ve been planning doesn’t have to be totally out of reach. See what dates your current wedding venue has available in 2021 and go from there.

You’re not in it alone.

If your wedding has been affected by COVID-19, you’re not in it alone even of we’re all keeping our distance. We’ll get through this together. From my family to yours – stay safe and healthy friends. ❤

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